AG - Agriculture

CR - Creative Reuse

FL - Floriculture

LA - Llamas

RA - Rabbits

AGJ - Junior Agriculture

CU - Culinary

GT - Goats

MO - Models

SH - Sheep

AL - Alpacas

DC - Dairy CAttle

HA - Home Arts

PH - Photography

4-H Projects

BF - Beef Cattle

FA - Fine Arts

HS - Horses

PL - Poultry


Here’s how it works: Using our Exhibitor Guide, you will need to find your department of choice. Once you have chosen a department, you’ll want to take a close look at each division within that department. Divisions are categories within your department that are broken up into even smaller categories, listed as class numbers. If you’re ready to proceed with a department, division and class number, move on over to our Online Entry System with this information. There, you will create a User Name and Password, which gives you access to register your items in The Fair. Exhibitors under 18 years of age will need Parent or Guardian’s permission.

Don’t forget to print your receipt when you’ve completed registration! This is your proof of registration by the deadline!

Your receipt confirms exhibits and livestock entered. In cases of discrepancies, if you do not have a receipt as proof of registration, no changes will be made to existing exhibitor accounts.

Please Note: The Floriculture and Rabbit departments are not available online. 

Floriculture: Entries must be registered with paper entry tags which will be available starting Monday, August 7, 2018. 

Rabbits: Entries must be registered using the paper entry form specifically for rabbits in the Exhibitor Guide.

Entry Deadlines for Open Class:

Horses:  TBD

All other livestock: TBD

Photography & Fine Arts: TBD

Home Arts & Creative Reuse: TBD

Culinary: TBD

Agriculture: TBD

You have until 5pm to submit a paper entry at the Fair Office or until 11:59 pm online.