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Floriculture Building (15)


Jim Sadler, 406-728-4743

Entry Deadlines

Missoula Garden Club Show: Monday, August 6, 2019, 1pm - 8pm

Country Fair Show: Monday, August 6, 2019, 1pm - 8pm

Five Valley's Gladiolus Show: Thursday, August 8, 2019, 6am - 10am

Five Valley's Dahlia Show: Saturday, August 10, 2019, 6am - 10am

Missoula Rose Society Show: Sunday, August 11, 2019, 6am - 10am


I have been working the Western Montana Fair for many years. I started out as a clerk working for Cheryl Carroll and when she resigned I became the Superintendent. At the time there were two Superintendents in the building. When Carol Myers, the Horticulture Superintendent passed away, I also took over her job. The building has had a continuous plan for progress. We were able to entice the Missoula Garden Club, the Five Valleys Dahlia and Glad Society, and the Missoula Rose Society to stage their shows at the fair. Each of the societies has their own rules and entry days. We also stage a traditional fair show that we call the Country Fair show that allows the entry of artificial flowers and crafts. This year because of the remodeling being done at the Fair, I have taken on an additional responsibility as the Agriculture department has been moved into the Floriculture Building.

Probably my most memorable year was 2015. My wife and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary at the Fair. We were married on August 10 which as you probably guessed is one of the fair days. When we were married the Fair was later in the month of August. Regretfully the date changed and we have never really been able to celebrate the day with the right amount of importance as we were always working at the Fair. In 2015 our son surprised us by taking out an advertisement in the Missoulian and invited  friends and the public to a party that was held for us by the staff of the building and all of our friends. Refreshments were served and we spent the day with our many friends who dropped by to wish us well.

Working at the Floriculture Building is one of the ways my wife and I give back to our community. We look forward to the many improvements coming and welcome the challenge. The reward we receive from our service is the satisfaction and experience our neighbors have when they view the Floriculture Building displays.