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Huckleberry Jamboree

In 1997 Lois and Michael Tate founded Zoë Ministries, Inc. Named after their first granddaughter, its purpose was to provide funding for Christian Counseling, ministry work performed throughout the State as well as a yearly Christian singles retreat. 

In the early years, Huckleberry Jamboree sold various products such as a smoked turkey wrap and their still popular huckleberry shakes and sundaes. What was borne out of years of experimentation was their most popular product: the Lemondairy®! One of the Fair's most desired treats!

Since Lois’ passing in 2010, Lily, the eldest daughter, has taken an active role within the nonprofit. Restructuring is in progress and the focus of Zoë Ministries is moving towards enriching our community with emphasis on helping women and children. Stay tuned for an exciting announcement in the future for scholarship opportunities as we take Zoë Ministries to a new level of giving back.

Thank you, Missoula!



Huckleberry Jamboree

Huckberry Shake or Sundae

Root Beer Float

Caramel Shake or Sundae

Coffee or Vanilla Shake

Chocolate Shake or Sundae

Lemonade, Ice Tea, Frozen Water, Cold Water