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$10,000 in Premiums for 4-H, $14,000 for Open Class at the 2019 Western Montana Fair

Western Montana Fair Premium Books Now Available – $10,000 in Payouts for 4-H, $14,000 in Open Class, 30+ New Exhibitor Contests

Painting by Roy Blumenthal

Premium Books are your guide to everything Fair related. You’ll likely find a book somewhere in your neighborhood, at a nearby grocery store, Missoula Public Library, or western supply store.

What’s a Premium? It’s the cash prize you can collect when the exhibit you’ve entered is awarded a top place in the judging process. Missoula County will set aside $10,000 in payouts for the winners of 4-H competitions and $14,000 for adults and youth who participate in Open Class in 2019. Premium money for winning entries varies by department, ranging from $5 to $500. Open Class premiums can be picked up Sunday of Fair, and the following week, in the Fair Office. New this year, the 4-H Council will organize distribution of 4-H premium money. 4-H participants and parents can now enjoy the final day of Fair together – no waiting in long lines at the premium bank!

Call for Exhibitors- Not Just Grandma’s Traditional Apple Pie Contest

There are 20 departments, 840 categories and more than 30 new contests to enter this year. While you’ll still find traditional apple pie and berry jam contests, there are plenty of new and updated competitions and larger premium payouts than in years past. With the theme of the Fair this year being Green Thumbs and Pie Crumbs, we are also offering “green” awards for outstanding, eco-conscious entries using sustainable methods and materials.

Showcasing the very best that Missoula County and Western Montana has to offer in livestock, creative arts and culinary delights is a time-honored tradition at Fair. There’s an exhibit opportunity for everyone in the family, from backyard birds to yarn bombing, Edible bugs to tablescaping, or open air painting. If you or your child has created something over the long winter, chances are you can, and should, enter it into the Fair.

Although the Western Montana Fair isn’t until August, now’s the time to start looking at possible award-winning entries. This year, some of the competitions require a little pre-fair planning, such as the Farm to Fork Photography contest and Wheelbarrow or Re-purposed Container Gardens. Use the Premium book to help you plan fun summer activities for family and friends! Build a scarecrow together. Challenge the neighborhood cooks to a Culinary contest showdown. Lead the knitters group in the planning of a yarn bombing project.

We’ve published the name and phone number of every department Superintendent in case you have questions. We want your exhibiting experience to be simple and fun. We can’t wait to see your talent showcased at the Fair!