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O’Houli’s Kettecorn has been a staple in North Idaho for over 15 years. The O in O’Houli’s stand for “son of”. It all started with John Houlihan Sr (Houli), who formed Houli’s Kettlecorn. JB Houlihan Jr took over the business when Sr fell ill. JB took kettlecorn to another level with creating over 60 flavors like Cinnamon Maple, Sweet & Spicy and Cornfetti. JB then added hand crushed flavored lemonade and won a blue ribbon for his Huckleberry Mojito Lemonade. In 2016 O’Houli’s Kettlecorn won the Western Montana Fair Concessionaire of the year. As a company, we believe in providing the best product possible at the best price possible. That is why a one pound bag of any flavor kettlecorn is still $5.00; Lemonade is still $5.00 and has been since 2005. Houli would always say: “We don’t sell kettlecorn; we make friends. Kettlecorn will sell itself.” We have alot of friends.


Hand-Popped Kettlecorn
Over 60 flavors

Fresh, Hand-Crushed Lemonade
Unlimited flavors