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Llama Barn (34)


Laura Denitto & Kristin Whisennand, 406-273-4645, 406-626-4526, mslapoultry@gmail.com

Entry Deadlines

Friday, July 12, 2019


You can enter your beautiful backyard birds – chickens, waterfowl, turkeys; and other birds, like pheasant, quail, and pigeons. Anyone can enter poultry – we have 8 and under, backyard birds, layers, and breeder’s shows. Our 4-H poultry volunteers will feed, water, and clean your birds coop all week. Our volunteers are also our poultry barn ambassadors. As you come through our barn, there will be a 4-H volunteer ready to answer questions about their bird, your bird, and other birds in the barn. We have a coloring station for children and straw bales to sit down and rest for those weary parents and grandparents.

Come by and see why our barn is so interesting. We will be looking for you!