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The International order of the Rainbow for Girls is a non-profit, service-oriented Masonic youth organization for girls.  Ages range from 11-21 years old, with pledge groups for girls between 8 and 11. Rainbow teaches its member's leadership by having them help plan and organize events. Self confidence and comfort in public speaking, along with self-respect through community service, activities and charity. We have been selling our fair food favorite corn on cob, and German sausages at the Western Montana Fair for over 35 years. 

Just a few of our past and current service projects include, Reading with Rainbow,  A Moment of Magic Foundation, Valor House, Make a Wish, The Ronald McDonald House, Watson's Children's Shelter, The Missoula All Abilities Playground, Shrine Hospitals, Heroes for Horses and many more. 


Corn on the cob

German Sausage