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4-H Pavilion (26)


Kim Marr, 406-370-1803 & Clarence Wildeboer, 406-431-0139

Entry Deadlines

Friday, July 12, 2019


Welcome to the Sheep Department. We host a show of any species you are interested in presenting, including cross-bred animals. The Department is open to all breeds, even if you don’t see your breed on our entry form. Our show is low key and everyone seems to be willing to lend a helping hand.

Co-Superintendent Kim Marr raises show lambs in Lolo, MT and has been active in the Open Sheep division of the Fair as well as 4-H sheep for many years. She believes participating at our Fair it is a great way to show off your livestock as well as advertise them. It is always helpful to get a judge’s opinion, as well as other breeders to improve your breeding program.

Co-Superintendent Clarence Wildeboer grew up in agriculture and is excited to carry some of those experiences forward in the Western Montana Fair Sheep Department. If you have suggestions or questions please do not hesitate to bring them to his attention.

We would love to see your sheep at this year’s Fair!