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 ZERO by FIFTY and a Sustainable Fair

The Western Montana Fair is excited to join Missoula’s ZERO by FIFTY initiative to reduce 90% of the material we send to the landfill by 2050. With around 80,000 visitors and all the delicious food and drinks served, the Fair produced nearly 60 tons of trash (120,000 pounds) in 2018. Starting in 2019, we will reduce waste significantly by sustainably recycling and composting every waste material possible. Fair vendors will convert to compostable/recyclable serving materials while our maintenance staff will place recycling/compost stations around the Fair. Watch for new bins, signage, and vendors that feature the “Green Thumb” logo, which symbolizes the above-and-beyond commitment to sustainable practices. Recycling at the Fair will be easier than ever and honors our theme - Green Thumbs and Pie Crumbs!

If you are passionate about the ZERO by FIFTY initiative and making the Fair a more sustainable event, you can sign up to be a Zero Waste Ambassador to educate the public about recycling and composting.

Head over to our volunteer page, or click here to sign up today!


Here are some helpful ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle provided by Home Resource

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