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Wendy McDaniel & Carla Voss, 406-880-0993, 406-240-8318

Entry Deadlines

Friday, July 12, 2019 - onsite, day of show entries will be accepted if space permits.


Hi my name is Wendy McDaniel, I have been involved with Rabbits for over 25 years. I myself was in 4-H Rabbits in Arizona for 10 years.  As an adult I have served as 4-H leader, board member, and active participant in Rabbit shows for 15 years. I love this hobby and will probably continue being involved in raising rabbits my whole life.

Rabbits have long been thought of as a source of food and an occasional Easter pet but they are so much more than that. In the rabbit barn we focus on teaching people the joys of owning rabbits. Unlike the usual household pets, rabbits require very specialized but simple care. They tend to be more like horses in their eating habits but there are differences. There are 49 breeds of domestic rabbits recognized by the American Rabbit Breeders Association and 144 genetic color combinations. They originated in Europe and are considered an exotic species of animal in the United States. During the fair we invite you to come visit our display of 4-H member rabbits and let the kids and the staff teach you about rabbit agility and the basics of rabbit care.